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Monday, 28 November 2011

Oh, God, is this still on?

I've just realised that the UK is still doing I'm A Non-Entity, Revive My Career, filmed down here in Oz among its lethal luxury hotels and aggressive world class restaurants (or at least nearby). I don't doubt that it's still mind sappingly bad TV but I'll give them credit for being better than the just-won't-fucking-die zombie that is Sleb big Brother in one respect - I've just seen who's in Non-Entity and I actually recognise just under half of them.

PS - I've also just realised that this is post number 2,000, not counting a handful that I put up at the Orphanage but haven't put up here. I can't believe my two thousandth blog post was so trivial. Sorry. No. 2,001 will be more serious.
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