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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Value for money.

Soccer is popular. I don't get the appeal myself but it's undeniable that millions love it. So you have to wonder how bad a football program could be to get an official viewing figure of zero.
Welsh language channel S4C's soccer show called Sgorio scored a zero with viewers when it screened highlights of European football.
Viewing figures revealed the programme broadcast at 11.30pm on Monday, December 14, officially did not have one single person watching.
Never mind, it's not like it's anyone else's problem apart from the TV company that paid for it, is it? Oh...
It was the lowest TV viewing figure in the history of the Welsh TV company which is part-funded by the taxpayer.
But normally it must do well, eh? Oh...
Sgorio - Welsh for score - turned into a no score draw on the night despite regularly pulling in tens of thousands of viewers on other nights.
Tens of thousands? There are three million people in Wales, plus plenty of people east of the Severn must be in range of the S4C broadcast, and all Scorchio can manage is 'tens of thousands' normally and a record low of zero viewers.

Ever got into a TV program, particularly a US import, that doesn't last? There's a reason for it disappearing without trace - it probably got cancelled by the US network for lack of viewers (but if you want to watch re-runs come to Australia where some fuckwit will pay to air it). But when it comes to taxpayer funded channels that somehow doesn't seem to happen and programs that are less popular than the test card are paid for more or less until someone in charge gets bored and insists on something worse. Why don't they just push the money into a big pile somewhere and fucking light it?


JuliaM said...

We might have to do that if this weather continues! ;)

Angry Exile said...

That's six in the bastard am there, isn't it? No wonder you're cold. Go back to bed you maniac woman. Just pretend you work in the public sector ;-)

JuliaM said...

Oh, I'm up at 5:00am every day, even weekends and my days off. Force of habit... ;)

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