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Monday, 18 January 2010

And now for some sexist humour from the Kiwis.

Well, supposedly it's sexist and portrays women over 35 as sex objects, but I can't see it myself. And judging by the comments on this article I'm not the only one.
'Don't you think it's about time we got over this bloody Political Correctness rubbish? the ad is meant to be a joke...'

'These days if you are not "appalling and disgusting "at least one or two yapping self-interest groups you are not really trying. In saner times I would be worried about offending people but in these times I would be disappointed if I was not.'

'The PC brigade, removing humour from a screen near you - again.'
And in case you think that's representative of only one gender look at the last couple of paragraphs in the article itself (my emphasis).
An airline spokeswoman said the campaign was supposed to be "light-hearted" but some older women had "taken a bit of offence to it".

"[They] felt it was an unfair kind of blanket comment," she said.

However, many didn't, with 60 women signing up to go in to win flights, tickets and cougar costumes to attract the attention of young males.
Not that that stands any chance of satisfying the 'nobody may be offended by anything ever again' mob, natch.


microdave said...

Well I take offence at it - because I'm 53, and the thought of being pursued by an old dear on an electric buggy is too much to contemplate.....

JuliaM said...

I thought it was hilarious!

Bill Sticker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
microdave said...

"I thought it was hilarious!"

Entirely agree - I was just being flippant earlier. From your recent posts it seems as if Australia is going down the pan, but be thankful - at least you got to see this. There wouldn't be a snowballs chance in hell of it getting air time here...

Dick Puddlecote said...

I want one. Can I get a cougar in a pet shop? ;-)

Angry Exile said...

microdave, I wouldn't say Australia is going down the pan, or at least it's no further than anywhere else in the western world and not as far along as some (*ahem* UK *ahem*). When I blog on this sort of politically correct shite here you have to bear in mind that plenty of Aussies will be muttering 'that's bullshit' before turning back to the beer and cricket. It's only the tedious pricks who either dream up this stuff or wish they had but were busy dreaming up something else just as stupid who really approve. Oh, and that proportion of the general public who think people should be flogged for not keeping the lawn mown. If I'm brutally honest I think there are probably more of both where I'm from than where I ended up, though both countries share the same problem: keeping the bastards out of power is really tricky.

microdave said...

I've visited Australia twice (back in the 80's) and more recently New Zealand. I was thinking about emigrating, and on the face of it all looks rosy. But delving beyond the glossy brochures you soon realise that many of the same problems exist.

I guess the realisation that I could turn my life upside down, and still end up being pissed off with officialdom made me chicken out....

I'm too old now (and not rich enough) under the points system to have any chance of a re-think!

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