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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Is Milipede channelling Obnoxio The Clown?

The banana waving Miliband has come up with something that actually makes sense.
David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has defended a plan to pay off the Taleban while British soldiers continue to die in Helmand province.
Not going to go down well with a lot of the country but as a practical matter I can see the sense in it. Thing is though, I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before. Oh yeah, now I remember.
...which collective or individual sponsor of terrorism is going to want to match the US/UK investment in fighting the taliban? We currently spend $165M a day on fighting the Taliban. We could, if we double their current earnings, spend $300K a day on this. In other words, we could fight a year of the Afghan war for a lot less than we spend there per day. So, let's say Islamofascists double up again and we have to double up again. So now we're fighting a year's worth of war for 3 days' worth of current spend. So they double up again and we double up again. We're now fighting a year's worth of war for about 10 days' current spend.

And at this point, if my rudimentary maths is up to it, the $10-a-day Taliban will be earning $320 per day, which isn't a bad fucking deal for a westerner. For an Afghan, that's pretty much millionaire status. They will, collectively, say "fuck you" to the Taliban and start collecting Mercs.

And we can go on doubling and redoubling a fucking lot before it starts to cost us anything like the current costs. Al-Qaeda and their supporters will either go bankrupt or say "fuck it, there's got to be a cheaper way of doing this" and throw in the towel.
Compare and contrast:
Mr Miliband defended the £500 million fund to induce the Taleban to lay down weapons and cut ties with al-Qaeda. “I think the soldiers’ families from every part of the coalition, as well as the families of the Afghan soldiers, would want the war to end as soon as possible,” he said.

“I do not accept that the reintegration fund has been established simply to rent back those insurgents who are currently being paid $10 to $30 a day to fight for the insurgents.”
Why the fuck not?
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