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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Suicide note II

More evidence of NuLab's determination to lose the next election, this time seen among the bones outside the Ambush Predator's cave. Among other various pricks and pests none other than Harriet fucking Harmong is going to be a key public figure in their campaign. Yes, that's right, Harriet 'you know where to find me' Harmong who bounces her car off someone else's while on the fucking phone and then pisses off without leaving her details. Harriet 'let's amend the Freedom of Information Act to keep MP expenses secret' Harmong, she of dodgy donation and stab vest fame, is going to be the face of NuLab's campaign. What the fuck are they thinking?

I can think of three possibilities. First and least likely is that she's been swallowing Gordon's baby gravy or something.* Second, and quite possible, is that the cyclopian fuck-knuckle and his team are mad and/or stupid enough to really believe she's a suitable choice. Third, the cyclopian fuck-knuckle may not realise how screwed the country is (thanks mainly to his own efforts) but his party does and has no fucking idea where to even begin picking up the pieces, and so a term or two in opposition is looking ever more attractive. Those last two might not be mutually exclusive either, but I really do think that some of them might be playing to lose. But then why the main three would honestly want to win the next election is beyond me. Could the reason for the Tories apparent failure to capitalise on NuLab's unpopularity along with their apparent willingness to piss of their own core support now and again be a sign that really they're not that keen either? I've said before that a hung Parliament (in either sense - I'm not fussy) might be the best Britain can hope for, but with Hypocrite Harmong nannyvating away on billboards, TVs and radios across the land NuLab's putting up a hell of a fight for second place.

Or maybe they're just incredibly stupid.

* Yes, also most disturbing mental image. Mind bleach is available in all good supermarkets.
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