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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Radio Ga-Ga.

Tuesday's post about the radio jock playing Van Halen's Jump after suggestions from listeners delayed on the M60 north of Manchester prompted someone to email a comment to the effect that things were indeed going batshit insane there. They've not replied back and I can't find anything that confirms it but the email suggested that Steve Penk had received a death threat, which would be shocking but not altogether surprising.

As I said on Tuesday it seems highly unlikely that the woman on the bridge was in earshot of the song being played and less likely still that had she heard a second or two she thought - no pun intended - oh well, might as well jump then. More likely she was up there to jump in the first place and evidently she fucking meant it. But the self appointed taste police don't see it that way and, if the email is correct, one or more of their foam flecked followers thinks that the poor sod who played it deserves to die. What the fuck is it with some people, huh? They're either in as much need of help as the woman on the bridge or just weapons grade cunts and, I'd suggest, evidence that while Intelligent Design is probably bullshit a fairly convincing case could be made for Retarded Design.
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