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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Blogroll II and Rearranging the furniture II

Gaaaaaargh. Three missed off the blogroll post. Prompted by his gravatar appearing over on the right I realised that I'd added Constantly Furious to the blogroll but like a twat I missed it in the post. Then there's Polaris who neither got a mention or added to the blogroll, which I'm a little ashamed about because I'm on hers at Wholly Rude and she's been following here for a little while now. Apologies and virtual chocolate, Polaris. Likewise to the Filthy Engineer, who also should have been added quite a while back.

The three column layout has kind of grown on me but quoted text seems to not stand out as well as it did in the old one wide column and one normal size sidebar column layout. I think I need to do some Googling and find out how to put quotes in a neat box. And for some bizarre reason the text size has changed itself on a load of posts, including post titles. WTF? And I still can't get the sodding banner to look the same in Firefucks as it does in Safari and Opera, while in Windows all browsers put the text in the wrong place so that last line about bad language is slightly obscured by bushes on the dune instead of being on the sky just above it. And Firefucks still pushes the image down against the inner lower border. I have absolutely no idea if that's something that can be fixed or if making it look the way I want it to on a Windows machine will bugger it up in OS X, let alone where to begin - I just don't know anything like enough about this stuff. So here it is: I use a Mac and so I've got it the way I want it in the OS X version of Safari (Opera too though only because it turned out that way and not because I made any effort), so if that's what you use then what you're seeing is what it's supposed to look like. Otherwise you'll have to take my word for it.

Ho hum.


Trident said...

Yummy virtual chocolate, my favourite - no calories but all the joy of receiving a gift - thank you.

If it's any help your 3 column looks good on my XP browsers and from my Mac laptop (Safari, FireFucks LOL and Camino), oh yeah!
I see what you mean about your header image - I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't mentioned though.

Keep up the good work...

The Filthy Engineer said...

My God, you mean you read the drivel I write. I'm truly honoured, oh Antipodean one.

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