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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Blogroll update.

A few more to add that I've been following on RSS for a little while. Actually quite a while in one or two cases, but I haven't got round to it. So now that I've determined not to let it drag on any longer, in no particular order:
I'm also adding Big Brother Watch to the other sites bit.

Roll on 2010 and discovering some more good blogs, even if I am going to have to tidy the place up and put in tabs or something before long. Can't wait.

UPDATE: Already found another: Whoops.

* I first typed this as the Large Hardon Collider, which sounds like it's something to do with both physics and Ron Jeremy. Funnily enough while looking through the Salted Slug's blog for the LHC explanation I found this. And presumably it's still unlikely to destroy the world.
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