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Friday, 22 January 2010

DING will give and DING will take away.

He has to take away in order to be able to afford to give anything, and so we have the need to increase taxes in order to be able to bribe people into marriage. The long and short of it is that even if it gets rid of the cyclopian nightmare in Downing Street Britain can still expect another government that will not only delight in robbing Peter to pay Paul but will also help itself to Steve's money only to give it back to Steve by some needlessly circuitous route (less the costs of administering the system, natch).

What the likely next government won't do, what it seemingly can't even concieve of doing, is leaving everybody the fuck alone.


Captain Ranty said...

He really is just as dangerous as Brown, isn't he?

We. Are. Fucked.


Angry Exile said...

I'm doubly fucked. DING or Gordon in the UK, Rudd or Abbot here. Jesus Christ, what a fucking choice.

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