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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Advertising race.

I just wonder, because KFC was told (by America) that an advert showing a white Aussie cricket fan passing around a KFC bucket to the pile of West Indian cricket fans was racist. Apparently it suggested (to Americans) that black people... er... actually I'm really not to sure what the septics were on about, but according to the Grauniad
The advertisement drew stinging criticism in some quarters in the US, where fried chicken is associated with age-old racist stereotypes about black people in the once segregated deep south.
Not that it was actually shown in the American south, mind you. Or anywhere at all in America for that matter. It just made it's way there via the interweb. But trust the bloody Yanks to get their cocks in a knot about an advert that doesn't relate to them at all but somehow offends the values that they think everyone else should have. Odd how defining people by their colour, which I feel is kind of what you're doing if you associate fried chicken with people from the West Indies simply because they have the same skin colour as some other people, is somehow not racist. I don't understand that myself. I don't understand how the slightest suggestion that a race has a particular trait, even in the most general terms, is racist, but displaying ignorance of a regional culture and cuisine because you've assumed a non-existent similarity based on colour coding people isn't.

So, to go back to the video clip, surely it's racist to portray a whole nation as a bunch of lamb-obsessed barbecue addicts whose reputation for having sex with them is based entirely on myth since no dinkum Aussie would fuck a perfectly good sheep in preference to cooking it? Or alternatively that not eating lamb here somehow makes you un-Australian and by implication inferior? Some Aussies are vegetarians and some don't like the taste* and probably there are a small number who really would prefer to put lipstick on it and show it a good time, and none of that marks them as being particularly Australian or un-Australian as far as I can see. Yet here are these guys from the Meat and Livestock Association having a laugh and implying that 21 million people are more or less defined by their common love of a lamb chop. Racist? Of course it's fucking not. It's just another ad campaign, and compared to the shite churned out by British quangos it's quite a good chuckle**, but if the KFC ad is racist I'm not sure why this one isn't. Is it because they is white? Because Aussies are doing it to Aussies and self inflicted racism doesn't count? Or because it's a silly idea that won't go anywhere because nobody's think skinned enough to take it seriously? If so that raises another question - what is the ethnicity of all these American commenters who decried the alleged racism of the KFC advert? Bearing in mind how a not particularly funny Jackson Five tribute act on a shit TV show here so offended that well known African-American American entertainer Harry Connick Jr recently I'd hazard a guess that many are actually white. White people, taking offence on behalf of black people. Why's that then? Do you think that black people aren't bright enough to know they've been offended or too weak and emotionally fragile to shrug it off, or just that they lack the confidence to say so themselves? Or perhaps you think they lack the maturity both to respect the right of others to hold opinions they themselves might find deeply unpleasant and to treat such people with the contempt they deserve? And isn't that pretty fucking racist too?

Fucking stupid white twats.

Can I say that?

* And they're missing out if you ask me. Never mind, more for the rest of us.
** I'm not sure the MLA is quite the same as a quango since it's 'producer owned' and seems to be funded mostly by levies on livestock. But on the other hand the levies are collected by the federal government, so...


JuliaM said...

I think we (by which I mean the West) have become too successful - we seem to have too many people with too much time on their hands.

Some are harmless and keep Facebook going or increase the repository of LOLcats, and some are malignant and join the ranks of the Professionally Offended.

We need to find out how to identify the latter at an early stage and take action to redirect their enthusiasm.

With a baseball bat, if necessary....

Angry Exile said...

I'd say put 'em somewhere they can indulge their love of dictating terms and rules but which doesn't really affect the rest of us. Golf tournament refereeing and cricket umpiring might be a start.

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