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Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Government is Mother, the government is Father - Part Three.

Via the Thylacosmilus in the comments here I see Kerry Robertson, the girl Fife social services first decided was too stupid to get married before going on to decide that she was also too stupid to keep her child, is in the news again. Predictably enough her infant son has been taken from her, but there's more to it than that. As I pointed out last year Kerry didn't seem entirely daft to me since she was clearly capable of anticipating what was likely to come next.
... doesn't the fact that she's thinking of the child and its future suggest that she's given more thought to the whole marriage and family thing than the council poxcocks think she's capable of? Much more thought, I reckon.
The couple are concerned that their unborn baby, a boy they have already named Ben, could be taken away if Fife council judges Miss Robertson unable to care for him.
Oh, I wonder how the fuck they could possibly be worried about that. Remind me again... ah yes, of course. So she's fucking bright enough to fear that the same bastards who have pronounced her too thick to be a wife will, like their cuntish colleagues in Nottingham before them, say she's too stupid to be a mother as well.
She was also bright enough to spot the next obvious move: get the fuck out of the country. Unfortunately she and her not-allowed-to-be-husband didn't run far enough.
A couple who fled to Ireland after social workers threatened to remove their baby at birth have had the newborn snatched after all.
Kerry Robertson, 17, who has mild learning difficulties, and Mark McDougall, 25, went on the run after British social services said she was not clever enough to raise a child.
But just four days after Ben was born, Irish social workers marched into the maternity ward and forced them to hand him over.

Because their British counterparts asked them to and because ruining running people's lives for them transcends national boundaries.
Last night Miss Robertson said: ‘When the Irish social workers said I had to give the baby to them, I felt sick.
‘I didn’t want to hand him over and I started crying because I couldn’t believe what they were saying. I thought I had misunderstood.'

As it turns out you understood all too well, which again makes me doubt you're really that daft. Really the only silly thing was to think that Ireland was far enough to be safe, and frankly that's understandable.

So barring miracles there the story ends. No happy endings, no fairy godmothers, just the state looking after what it perceives as its own. It'll be looking after the other ones I mentioned yesterday too, though only for five years* and despite the fact that their parents were apparently so amazingly and suitably intelligent that... well, it just speaks for itself doesn't it. But Ben Robertson (assuming that's still his name) has got the state's fucking hooks in him for life, just like his mother before him.

The lesson here is that in Britain your body is not your own, your life is not your own and your children are not your own, not if you don't meet the state's criteria (which is up to them and can be changed at any time, so potentially it includes everyone). If that doesn't appeal then get the fuck out of there. Run away, far away. Much further than Ireland.** I just wish I could suggest where to run to.

* Yes, I know 'indefinite detention' means it could be longer but look at what happened with the kids who killed Jamie Bulger.
** In all honesty, and though it pains me to say it, on past and current form I can't recommend Australia.


microdave said...

"who has mild learning difficulties"

But that seems to apply to most children in our current edukayshun system. Now that we have an entire generation who can't reed, rite and do rythmatik proper, I suspect social services could have a field day, if they really tried...

Angry Exile said...

Unfortunately it's pretty hard to tell where mild learning difficulties stops and extreme teaching retardedness takes over.

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