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Sunday, 31 January 2010

The blackout is over...

... at least for now. However, the threat of internet censorship in Australia is still alive and well. Some will use TORs and proxies to get around it but I can't see any way around the fact that the combination of the federal government's patronising opinion of our intelligence and it's desire to nanny us all as if the most fragile person in the country typified us all will almost certainly make the internet slower and more expensive. As I said at the beginning of the week, if you're outside Australia don't think for a minute that this doesn't apply to you too. It just doesn't apply yet. It's already gone too far here, don't let it happen where you are.

UPDATE: At Leg-iron's I see the UK have got their own version of Conroy web control freakery in the form of the Mandelsnake.
The Count of Mandelsonia has a spiffing wheeze that will help him shut down those naughty people who call him names and point out the idiocy in his government's systems. It's all based on the filesharing nonsense that they've been harping on about for ages. I couldn't see why the Count would care but it's perfectly clear now that the pieces are all in place.

It's simple. If you are accused of filesharing, your internet connection is shut off. Not filesharing and want it back? Well, nothing to hide, nothing to fear, right? Just go to that Ofcom place and tell them you aren't filesharing and there's been a mistake. A quick look at your internet records will clear you. No problem.

Well, there is a problem. You now have to pay for asking for your connection back, whether the accusation is true or not. How much? That's not specified yet. Will you get the money back if you're innocent? No.
Why don't we all just move to China? At least the food's good.
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