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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Pish of the Day redux: dessert course

In the comments the Ambush Predator wondered what our fishing averse tourist David Copp might find if he tried a bit of self-googling. When I looked earlier links to articles about his whining that fishermen catch fish and bring them ashore dead rather than swimming around in little bowls appeared about halfway down. I checked again just now and I saw one that wasn't there earlier, and it's tone is, shall we say, less than neutral. In fact the Irish Independent is just heaping more ridicule on the man, and doing it well enough that I'm just going to have to quote the whole thing.
David Copp (46) brought his family on a break to Devon and had a horrid time.

He was shocked -- shocked! I tells ya -- when he was confronted by the appalling vista of 12 crates of dead fish which, he says, were really smelly and left his two children ,aged seven and nine, "quite distressed".

Now, it should be pointed this happened at Ilfracombe Harbour, a working fishing village and the crates were there to be taken out to sea to be used as bait by the local trawlers.

But that's not good enough for our thin-skinned hero and his overly sensitive children, no sirree Bob.

In fact, after the local trawlermen basically told him to feck off and pointed out that when you're in a fishing harbour there is a very good chance that you might bump into fish, he contacted the local newspaper to complain and said: "It's not the sort of thing you want to see on holiday, there was a real stench. These people should be a bit more considerate of holidaymakers."

Yeah, those nasty fishermen and their . . . fish.

Although I do have some sympathy for the man.

After all, I once went down to a dairy farm in the country and there I was shocked to see some cows.

I couldn't sleep for days because of the trauma.
Sarcasm - not the lowest form of humour, sometimes an essential dose of common sense and often the only choice when someone is acting like a colossal dick.
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