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Sunday, 21 November 2010

They spent how much - follow up

A follow up on yesterday's rant about the continued spunking away of epic sums of money by Her Majesty's Government, or rather the civil servants who tell it what to do. In the comments Jack brought up the point that fake charities are also still enjoying a good old hosing with taxpayers' hard earned, and I'd not long replied to that when I came across this.
The union behind the university tuition fees protest, which descended into violence, has received £80,000 from a Government “crime and policing group” in recent months.
The National Union of Students received the grant from the Home Office as part of a project to help undergraduates “avoid being victims of crime” and to “minimise anti-social behaviour”.
It came just before last week’s march through central London against the planned rise in university tuition fees, which was “hijacked” by anarchists who smashed up the Tory party HQ in Millbank and injured police officers.
Jesus Christ in a row-boat, that's money well spent. Do I have to say it again? Do I? Oh, screw it, I'm going to.

It's not your fucking money!!

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