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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lucky for some.

Can someone explain this to me? A guy's wife leaves him for another man, taking their daughter with her. Years later, nearly ten years, he wins a lot of money on the lottery. Ex-wifey who walked out on him all those years before decides she deserves some of it and sues him, and - get this - she fucking wins. How the hell does that work, then?
Friends told how despite being left heartbroken when his wife walked out, taking their then-three-year-old daughter Ella, he generously offered her $1.6 million [£1 million, I guess - AE] after his massive lottery win.

Wendy, a human resources director at an investment firm, went to see lawyers in a battle for up to four times as much.


The $3.2 million [£2 million? - AE] lump sum she agreed to accept is hers to spend as she wishes after a bid by Nigel to pay it into a trust for Ella was vetoed.
Okay, to be fair this was an out of court settlement, and presumably he could have carried on fighting and made her explain why she deserved anything at all, even as much as the million quid he offered, much less the reported ten times that much amount she demanded.
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