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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Increased elbow room in the blogosphere.

Which really isn't a good thing since it's come about as the result of two more blogs hitting the buffers. Mummylonglegs has hung up the keyboard more than once but assures everyone that this time she really means it, although she intends to return to blogging in a new form. At least she's promised not to bin the whole blog this time, though the earlier incarnations of "And There Was Me Thinking....." are lost forever. When she's back, and I hope it won't be long, I'm sure she'll be back on the blogroll but in the meantime he blog moves to the hibernation room. So does that of the man who I believe was one of the first of the original libertarian swearbloggers, the Devil himself. Whether writing as the Devil's Kitchen or more latterly the Devil's Knife he's been one of my favourites. Not only were the Devil's Kitchenware blogs entertaining reads it was there, along with the also recently departed Mr Eugenides, that I found out that I was a libertarian. I wasn't influenced by their arguments in favour of libertarianism because I was already, so to speak, a solid believer who just didn't know what church to go to. I'd heard the term "libertarian" and was even vaguely aware that there was a micro-party in the States by that name, but I didn't know that it meant people like me, people who just want to be left to get on with their lives and enjoy their few decades of existence without the government interrupting every five minutes, usually with a demand for money. The Devil's Kitchen was where I found my badge and I owe that humble Devil my thanks for it - cheers, DK. It should be said that the Devil has not said that he's gone for good and in fact expects he will return to blogging sooner or later, though possibly not as the Devil. No bad thing since he comes across as an imaginative bugger and if the Devil is permanently retired it'll be interesting to see what his next online persona will be like, but in any case the Kitchen and the Knife both leave the blogroll for now.
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