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Friday, 26 November 2010

Professional offence seeking reaches new heights.

Okay, maybe I should have put that another way because no doubt the Campaign for Equal Heights, ah, sorry, I mean the Walking with Giants Foundation would probably be upset if they read it.
The charity said it considered all such jokes as a form of harassment, contrary to equalities law, that enhanced negative stereotypes.
Oh, that's a bit of a stretch, isn't it?

Shit. Done it again, and clearly having no intention to offend makes no difference at all.
Mr Cameron's spokewoman said he had made ''light-hearted comments not intended to cause offence''.
But John Connerty, WWGF co-founder and charity secretary, launched a fierce condemnation of the Prime Minister's decision to ''glorify'' the previous incident.
Look, John, I honestly feel you'd be better off talking about the work your charity does for people who actually suffer from dwarfism rather than taking offence on behalf of all of them over a comment aimed at someone who is perfectly normal but a bit of a short arse. Bercow should certainly not be confused with a dwarf when he's plainly just a pint sized twat. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly Dopey.

Shit. Done it again.
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