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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Having just done something I found vaguely admirable it was never going to be long before the walking forehead reverted to type and did something to piss me off all over again. Actually that's not quite accurate since this headline in The Age doesn't annoy me so much as induce a fit of the giggles.
British PM warns China on freedom



Yeah, remind me, Davey, how's that 'Great Repeal Bill' coming along? Your Cobbleition made a good start on scrapping ID cards but much of the rest of NuLabour's anti-freedom legislation, all its little mini-enabling acts for example, remains intact. And you didn't exactly cover yourself in glory with your attempt at consulting the public with the comical Your Freedom webshite, especially with the refusal to even consider the idea of any freedom for private businesses to decide for themselves whether they want the custom of smokers. But here you are in China, Prime Minister of a country claimed to have more CCTV cameras per capita than anywhere else, leader of a state noted for its anti-free speech libel laws, its relatively easy ability to gag the media when it feels the need, its regular harassing of photographers by police and quasi-police, and its use of 'control orders' and detention without trial, and you're lecturing the Chinese about freedom issues? Not that China is any paragon but coming from you it must be hard for them to take seriously. As for this American style unequivocal adoration of democracy, a system that at best is a genteel form of mob rule and at worst gives a minority of the population the whip hand over everybody else, you have to be fucking kidding. I'll credit the Chinese with this: at least they don't stand there telling their citizens that they're free while demanding more and more of them at gunpoint.

You, Davey, are a cheeky cunt who should fuck off toot-sweet and get his own house in order - which I suspect has probably been said in Mandarin a fair bit since last night.
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