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Thursday, 21 October 2010

That's not why he worries me.

Is Obama a secret muslim? Personally I doubt it, though I know many people disagree. Enough people, in fact, that Obama's advisors won't let him enter the Golden Temple of Amritsar, a place of much holiness for sikhs and no significance at all for muslims, in case he gets photographed with the mandatory head covering and millions of Americans - none of whom will vote Democrat while he's President anyway, if indeed they ever would - all simultaneously yell, "That proves it. I told y'all, Godammit. I told ya," and so on. Yes, I'm sure plenty still don't know the difference between Sikhism and Islam, and I'd suggest that they're not all going to be tobacco chewing rednecks since plenty of people think racism and religious discrimination are the same thing (perhaps on Planet Guardian they are), but this whole Muslim thing is getting silly. If I was an American a far bigger issue would be that he's an open Keynesian and a statist, and arguably a socialist, secret or otherwise, to boot - all of which would seem to make him an unlikely muslim anyway.
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