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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Half a million public sector jobs to be kept.

Woohoo, that's grasping the nettle alright. Balls of steel, that David Camer... oh.

So then, can we entertain the hope that we're talking non-jobs here, bearing in mind that only half a million would leave plenty of non-jobs left? Of course not.
■ A total of 17,000 personnel will be cut from the three services. Some face compulsory redundancy, and sources said even bigger cuts in manpower could not be ruled out after Britain left Afghanistan in 2015.

■ The navy's Harrier jets will be scrapped immediately, meaning Britain will have no fully operational aircraft carrier until 2020. A senior navy officer said there was a ''serious risk'' that it ''could cost us lives''.

■ Three RAF bases will close and the planned Nimrod MR4 spy plane (The Age's words, not mine - AE) will be cancelled, despite £3.6 billion being spent.

■ The army will lose a brigade, and 10,000 soldiers will return from Germany in five years.
That's to go along with having two aircraft carriers with no fucking planes and the possible rebranding of the Royal Navy and Fleet Air Arm as Top Gun Taxis for their entry in the Washington and Paris editions of the fucking Yellow Pages. Despite some early promise with some of the quangos (though not remotely close to enough) it's all gone a bit, well, a bit New Labour to be brutally honest. I have little doubt that across other areas similar things will be happening, and that midwives and cops are vastly more at risk of the cuts than administrators and coordinators. Don't believe me? Just check The Graun for jobs. Here's a good one.
Two New Labour bullshit buzzword terms in a single job title, and thirty grand a year. Fuck me dead, it's like Gordon's gang didn't actually lose, isn't it? And look at the job description:
This is an excellent opportunity for an Antisocial Behaviour Co-ordinator to play a key role in developing and implementing our approach to Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) reduction in Stevenage.

You will work with a range of agencies to influence best practice in Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) reduction. You should be able to demonstrate excellent communication and negotiation skills, and have a background in partnership working. This role gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in analysing data and information to inform programmes of work. You will have good project management skills and be able to use these to influence improvements. Your responsibilities will also involve developing a performance management framework and reporting performance to partners.

You should have a thorough understanding of crime reduction and Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) legislation, and of the tools and powers available to local authorities.
What it doesn't explain is why the council feel the need to do this kind of stuff. If antisocial behaviour, or what's being labelled as antisocial behaviour, is legal then there's not only no need to do anything about it but you trample all over ancient liberties if you even try. On the other hand if it's illegal acts we're talking about then it's not council function anyway. That's what the fucking police are for.
We offer a comprehensive benefits package.
Of course you fucking do, you epic cunts!

So six months after getting rid of the most catastrophically incompetent and financially profligate PM in living memory the Unhinged Kingdom still seems as far away as ever from becoming more or less un-fucked. Are we all back in piano-wires-from-lamp-posts mode yet?

PS - the BBC don't seem to be struggling too much either. Nine permanent positions paying £25 grand or more in The Graun's job spot, which I suppose is helped by the unique way the BBC is funded.
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