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Monday, 4 October 2010

Glass and a half of confusion.

Via Skepticlawyer I see that Cadbury's famous "Glass and a half of milk" slogan is biting the dust, thanks to those wise overlords of the EU.
The phrase was originally used to explain the amount of milk in every half-pound chocolate bar. In its place, it now reads: “The equivalent of 426ml of fresh liquid milk in every 227g of milk chocolate”.
Well, at least in this age of snappy soundbites they were able to stick with something that trips off the tongue nicely. Christ, it doesn't sound so much like an advertising slogan as a bloody phone number.

Oddly Trading Standards are saying that they can continue to use the old slogan but Cadbury's legal advice begs to differ.
Cadbury said it had been advised that it would be forced to drop the phrase describing the ingredients under European rules.

“Because EU regulations state that by 2010 all weights and measures on packs must be in metric, given our long run times we felt it was sensible to make that change now,” said spokesperson Tony Bilsborough.

“That was our external legal advice and we checked that with Birmingham trading standards officers, who confirmed that was the case.”
Okay, so that mea...
However, trading standards said the EU rules did not apply in this case.
Oh, make your minds up, for fuck's sake. This is the bloody problem with the EU. Whether by accident or design, and Ayn Rand fans will probably think it's design, the laws on something as simple as what can be written on a chocolate wrapper have become incomprehensible and impenetrable, often at both the national and supranational level. You ask two different people whether something is legal and you get two different answers. Ask a third and you'll be told, "Maybe".

Sometimes you have to ask whether these regulations are much more than a glorified jobs program for lawyers and bureaucrats.
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