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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Death, where is thy pen? Grave, what have you done with the Tippex?

Time for another blogroll update, and it's a somewhat Stygian one this morning. A few old blogs are being cleared out to the recently installed suspended animation room (see the 'Hibernation' button under the blog title - I couldn't make 'Suspended Animation' fit neatly) and in their place comes a blogger from the twilight between this world and the next, possibly on a horse called Binky though this is unclear. It seems that The Grim Reaper Writes, and writes well and fairly prolifically too, which being ageless and timeless is less of a surprise than that one of life's two great certainties has decided to take up blogging in the first place.*

Just don't touch the scythe. I get the feeling he really doesn't like that.

* If Taxes decides to give it a go he can fuck off. I'm not linking to him.
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