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Sunday, 17 October 2010

"Is it coz they is ethnic?"...

... asked Mrs Exile jokingly, wondering if the race card might get played over this. And of course she knows as well as I do that the answer is no, it's because they're fucking troughers. In any case I'm not sure the race card will be played since these three have avoided court despite police investigations into at least two of them, while one black peer, one white peer and four white MPs are all facing trial in the coming months, and so that's a bit of a shame. On those numbers you couldn't really make a good argument that those of Indian/Bangladeshi extraction are being treated any differently except to point out that if anything their situation is more favourable, so claiming unequal treatment on race grounds could easily be remedied by allowing their cases to be heard by juries as well. Suspension from the House beats a trial and possible jail, so the prudent course for them would be to avoid making too many waves and cross their fingers that they don't have to give it all back.
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