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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Moron ... More on that video.

Well, here's a shock. As we all now know a video featuring the violent and bloody deaths of anyone not willing to take part in the latest Gaiaist eco-ritual was commissioned by these maniacs and made by Richard Curtis, with taxpayers' money as it turns out, that it's attracted a lot of flak both from the blogosphere and then the MSM either because of the content itself or because that content suggests a casual attitude towards the lives of dissenters found usually only in brutal dictatorships, and that as a result of the criticism the video has been withdrawn and replaced with a mealy mouthed apology. That's the news, okay?

But not if you rely on Auntie Beeb. A search for for "10:10 climate" got this:

For "Richard Curtis", this:

And just for "YouTube", since you'd expect a video being pulled and reposted because of exploding children to be newsworthy, this:

If you're a swivel eyed, window licking, eco-wowser right now wondering how the hell your fellow travellers in the Department of Propaganda managed to shut their balls in the drawer so badly you will at least be able to take some comfort in the thought that The Mouth at least seems disinclined to tell anyone about it.

Shock? No, not really. No more than I expected from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.
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