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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ali D is at it again.

Via the Ambush Predator, it's Ali fucking Dizaei again.
The Crown Prosecution Service had asked that three-times married Dizaei be ordered to pay their £64,500 bill for the four-week hearing earlier this year.
But despite owning three homes worth a total of £1million, playboy Dizaei – who had expensive tastes in women, cars and clothes – said he was virtually penniless and able to pay only a tiny amount.
Oh, bloody shame. Well, I suppose he is inside and not earning, but he could always sell one of the houses, yes? I mean, it's not like he hasn't got a roof over his head courtesy of the prison service at the moment and it would still leave two homes for his family. So, job done then.
Of course not.
After considering his case, Southwark Crown Court ordered that he pay £750 plus VAT towards the prosecution costs.
He must have been pissing himself all the way back to his cell. The location of his 5 figure libel payout is a mystery and he may yet get more bloody money out of the taxpayer if the prick can make this stick, but as JuliaM points out there's not much to suggest he'll be told to tap into either to make up more than 750 quid.

I'm inclined to call him a despicable cunt, and in fact I will, but it should also be said that the system has developed in such a way that it encourages the Ali Ds of the world to play it. Ali D happens to play it pretty well, and by extension he's playing everyone else for fools. Something else for Dave and Nick's Cobbelition to sort out, eh?

Yeah, right.
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