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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Over precautious, much?

On my list of things to blog about when I have some more time this weekend is the decision in Germany to ditch nuclear power because of post-Fukushima safety concerns. Yes, Germany doesn't have a lot of coastline, and the fact that the term for enormous fuck-off great killer tidal wave is not a German word but a Japanese one is a hint that Germany doesn't really have a history of devastating tsunamis destroying property and drowning citizens without the RAF bombing their dams first. All the same they've decided that the risk - excuse me, I'm just going to stop for a bit of a giggle - the risk isn't worth it. As it happens I'm now not going to blog about it because The Snowolf has already said everything I would have, in particular this:
Of course, by doing this, Germany has ensured that it is immune from any nuclear issues at all, should something happen in France (which is almost entirely reliant on nuclear power, sensible Froggies) any fall out will stop at the border.
Quite. They're not getting rid of power stations that pose a potential though tiny risk, they're just getting rid of the ones that Germany currently gets something of value from. The Snowolf adds a little shopping and financial investment advice as well: order your Beemer now while they're still able to make the things and dump Euros for shares in German candle manufacturers. Go read the whole thing.
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