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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Blogroll adjustment

I've remarked before on the strange affinity between bloggers, particularly the libertarian leaning types, and cats. Now I've got cause to do so again as two once long term inhabitants of the blogroll who disappeared off to the cryogenic vaults along with Dave Lister and Walt Disney's head a while back have come sauntering back in like a pair of cats who went missing a couple of weeks ago and who you've missed, worried about and finally given up on before finding them on the kitchen floor, stinking, filthy and looking as if nothing has happened. And is there any chance of a bit of whatever that is you've just put in your sandwich, yeah, that'd be lovely. What do you mean 'where the fuck have I been'? Like I'm going to tell you.

Ai has seen fngs yu peeples wuldnt beleeve. Atack ships on fire
off Urion. Sea beems littering on Tanhowzer Gayte. Everyfng.
Wat ar sea beems anyway?

And so it is that Constantly Furious and Mummy Long Legs have turned up on the metaphorical kitchen floor after being who knows where, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who's genuinely pleased to see them. Now, I'm sure I've got half a pot of cream in the fridge somewhere. Here, bloggerbloggerbloggers, come an gets teh nice creems...

Since I've not checked RSS lately I missed the return of both, so H/T to Julia for mentioning it.
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