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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bipolar bear

Well, not so much bipolar as suffering from epic cognitive dissonance. Via the Real World Libertarian, the latest example of ecomentalist half-formed thought - having a ten tonne ice sculpture of a polar bear melt away at Circular Key in Sydney as a symbol of blablah warble gloaming yadda yadda arctic endangered wah wah might seem a bit silly, but having the bloody thing brought halfway around the planet? Really?
The block was frozen around a bronze skeleton in Britain before being sent to Australia where it was lifted by crane into Customs House Square.
Renowned English sculptor Mark Coreth...
Never heard of him.
... who usually works with bronze, says he got the inspiration for the sculpture during his stay with the native Inuit in northern Canada.
"I'd been carving polar bears in the side of icebergs," he said.
"The Inuit guide I had said, 'Great, you've seen a polar bear, you've sculpted a polar bear, but how on earth are you going to go about sculpting the real issue we have here?' - the warming Arctic."
And assuming, rather uncritically, that the guy was right rather than mad, uninformed, wrong or just buttering up some poncy artist by telling him the sort of thing he wants to hear, it seems that Coreth believes contributing further to the problem with the associated emissions involved in shipping ten tonnes of ice to Sydney for a fucking publicity stunt is going to help in some way. I mean Christ, did you bring enough drugs for everybody, Mark? No? Then please put them away.*

Whatever next, Family First promoting sexual abstinence with a fucking for virginity campaign?

* And when you come back down please tell us who paid for this. I shall be pissed off if, as I fully expect, it was the Australian taxpayer.
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