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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Blairs' trip Down Under

Thanks to Tom in the comments on yesterday morning's blog about the grinning mutation coming to Melbourne and charging a thousand bucks a head to listen to him, I see that the Blairs are, as Tom describes it, taking tentative steps into the theme parks business.

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The couple initially delighted parents at their 11-year-old son Leo’s school by agreeing to host the get-together at their seven-bedroom mansion near Chequers.
However, the mood of some parents darkened when they discovered that the Blairs were charging each person £10 for a seat on a coach from the school in Central London to the mansion in Buckinghamshire.
The Blairs have banned parents from driving directly to the estate for security reasons, asking parents to board the bus instead.
One mother of a child who is in Leo's year said: 'I'm livid. The Blairs are rich and can afford it, but lots of families in the area are poor.'
It has to be said that while there's nothing wrong with it as such it's not very sensible to combine being generous enough to host the event and then refuse to allow people to make their own travel arrangements, leaving them no alternative but to be charged for the transport the Blair's are laying on. As a old Theme Park player I'd suggest they reduce the prices of the food a little but add lots of salt and then rip the arse out of the drinks prices, if that hasn't already occurred to them.

However, if the speaking tour is cover for getting theme park ideas I have to say they're starting in the wrong place. I think the theme parks are mostly up around the Gold Coast, 50 miles or so from Brisbane where they're going the day after Melbourne. True, Melbourne does have a fair bit worth seeing and is a decent place to come for a visit, but it's a bit light on theme parks except for old Luna Park in St Kilda. Oh, wait a moment...

Nah. Can't be.
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