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Friday, 10 June 2011

Here's one for all you smokers out there

Apologies for the light posting. Real life priorities have been, well, a priority. In the meantime and especially for those of my fellow bloggers and either of my readers who enjoy a smoke, I saw this and thought of you.

It'd be funnier-haha rather than funny-bitter laugh if it wasn't so close to the truth, the main unrealistic aspect being that they wouldn't even allow smokers to go out on a ledge these days (elfinsafetee, you know, can't let people open the windows any more anyway). Still, there is a little bit of comfort for the smokers in that, as we all should know by now, you and the drinkers are being joined in the firing line by the fatties and salad dodgers, and in the state next door this means - you guessed it - new laws about labels on so called junk food.
Jane Martin, senior policy advisor at the Obesity Policy Coalition...
Some might say senior nannying stick insect for some puffed up bunch of self righteous Kraft durch Freude wowsers, but that's perhaps a little cruel. I was quite fond of stick insects as a kid and can't recall ever being bossed around by one.
... said she wasn't shocked to read the offending burger – the Ultimate Double Whopper – packed a punch of 5085 kilojoules, 80.5 grams of fat and 2.3 grams of sodium.
New South Wales was the first Australian state to introduce legislation, effective from February next year, whereby all takeaway franchises with more than 20 outlets were required to include the kilojoule count on their menus.
But this didn't go far enough, according to Ms Martin...
Is there anybody reading who didn't see that coming? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
... who said all states and territories should want to introduce this legislation, as well as tax on unhealthy foods and a subsidy scheme for low-income earners to eat healthier.
And of course the Korpulenz Politik Koalition isn't the only one having a whinge about the Ultimate Double Whopper and the chain who sell it. For added bitter laughter have a butcher's at the name of the whingers.
Packing an artery-clogging 5085 kilojoules, 80.5 grams of fat and 2.3 grams of sodium, the Hungry Jack's Ultimate Double Whopper has been named the unhealthiest single menu option in Australian fast food.
Consumer advocate CHOICE looked at all items on offer at major Australian fast food outlets, and Hungry Jack's claimed not only the title but also the second position with its Angry Angus Double Burger, with 3276 kilojoules, 52.1 grams of fat and 1.7 grams of sodium.
CHOICE is pushing for all states to join New South Wales, which has introduced legislation for any store with more than 20 outlets to have kilojoule details displayed on their menus.
Nannies see this all the time
CHOICE there, showing little to no understanding of the meaning of the fucking word. Personally I wouldn't eat a Hungry Jack's Ultimate Double Whopper if you paid me, though not because it's unhealthy and people think I shouldn't so much as I just think that Hungry Jack's make among the most shit burgers money can buy and I'd rather have a Macca's if I was going to have a cheap takeaway at all. This, CHOICE, is what's known as, er, "choice", and it's mine, not yours.

Better budge up on your ledge, smokers. It's not just the drinkers you need to make room for. In the meantime I suggest anyone visiting Australia who might like a burger gives New South Wales a miss. Oh, and try a burger with a slice of beetroot in. It's very Aussie and bloody weird, but it's a good weird.
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