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Friday, 13 March 2009

A well deserved pat on the back for some...

... and a savage kick in the balls for others. The first nad mashing torpedo kick is for Dr David Wanker sorry, Walker, who rocked up at a BMA conference and proposed a motion that chocolate should be taxed because it's not good for people to eat too much of it. The rest of the kicks in the balls are for his fellow bastard delegates who voted for it. Yes, there may well be health issues but that's for individuals to deal with. It should not be for the government to nanny yet another product via taxes at the suggestion of some weight obsessed health nazi. It could also be pointed out that being an self righteous authoritarian wanker might eventually prove dangerous for your health but no-one is suggesting that Dr Walker and these other cunts who run everybody's lives for them pay extra tax because of it. Well, actually someone is suggesting it, but not seriously. The slightly good news is that the motion was defeated, so pats on the backs for those who voted against this nannying. Disappointingly however, there were only two votes in it. I can't help but wonder if they were in private rather than public employment if they'd be less inclined to rule and more inclinced to shut the fuck up and get on with medicine.

H/T Obnoxio and mummylonglegs.
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