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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

100 months to save the planet according to Prince Charles.

Looks like someone has let Charlie play on the interwebs again and it sounds like he's found this site.
The Prince starts a ten-day tour of South America today during which he will be playing an elevated role as an international statesman working on behalf of the Government to support British interests on key issues.
Senior sources have revealed that Gordon Brown's Government wants to make more use on the foreign stage of Prince Charles's experience, expertise and contacts, particularly on climate change.
Government officials believe that the Prince's passion to protect the environment is hugely respected abroad and that he can play an increasing important role as he inevitably moves closer to becoming king.
Some believe he is an "asset" that has been underused in the past and they want to use him more in a role of "soft diplomacy".
In Thursday's speech, the Prince will warn that a failure to act in the next eight years will have catastrophic effects for the planet.
Oh Lordy, where do we start? First off, isn't it slightly hypocritical to jet around the fucking world to lecture people on climate change? Oh no, my mistake - it's really fucking hypocritical. I'm sure they'll say his carbon emissions are offset but frankly you've got no way of knowing whether the tree was really planted, the reduction really happened, or whether it was going to without you handing money over. In any of those cases you've really off set fuck all, and as far as I can see there's no way of knowing whether anything has actually happened other than you've had your wallet lightened. His Highness might be okay with that financially but as an argument? Nuh-uh.

Second, if the desire to use the Prince and his expertise (which I'd have thought was more about polo) is coming from Gordon Brown himself it doesn't inspire confidence in HRH. Gordon is the guy who claimed to have abolished boom and bust and now seems incapable of realizing that he'd done no such fucking thing. Trust his judgement on the Prince's suitability? Er, nuh-uh.

Some believe he is an asset... Like who? And so what? Loads of people believe in religions that are mutually exclusive and quite possibly all fantasies, and it doesn't bother them that logically the majority must be wrong. People believe in astrology. People believe crop circles are made by alien visitors. People believe all sorts of shit, and it doesn't make them right. And how does his inevitably moving closer to becoming king square with playing an increasingly important role? This is a political issue and the monarch traditionally keeps out of politics. Fucking hell, but I really hope Australia becomes a republic before he takes over.

Lastly there's the whole less than 100 months claim. Actually it's already down to 93 according to that website, and given that some are saying that a new climate accord is highly unlikely this year you'd expect them to be screaming that we're all as good as fucked. So I have only one question on that point: if in 7 years and 9 month's time we've still not agreed on action, yet the world is fine and it's all turned out to be bogus, what then? Will Charles finally shut the fuck up and go back to flogging over priced honey?

UPDATE: Fucking hell, he's spouting some quality bollocks now.
"I find it incomprehensible that there are those who doubt the science of climate change."
It's called the scientific method. "Skepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin" - ring any fucking bells you witless cunt? Fuck's sake, Australian republic very soon please.

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Unknown said...

Bonny Prince Charlie reminds me of Wooster (of Jeeves and Wooster). Where BPC is Wooster... where is Jeeves to save him from his idiotic deeds?

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