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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Change we can believe in = similarity.

I've said it before, and good old Obama keeps showing it to be true. Am I bent out of shape about this? Nah, not particularly, though Im sure there are professional offence takers getting ready to be morally outraged by his thoughtless remarks. I just look and think "yeah, pretty much the sort of thing we'd expected from Bush". But for a lot of people just not being Bush and/or a Republican is enough that they can't see any imperfection through being dazzled by the sunlight beaming out of his ringpiece, because for some reason there's a lot of reluctance to criticize Obama for precisely the same things as they ripped Bush to shreds over. Don't get me wrong, I thought Bush was a prick, a poor president, a possible religious nut and an authoritarian bastard, and I think a lot (though by no means all) of the criticism he got was deserved. But why the hesitation to clobber Obama for the same sort of fuck ups?

UPDATE: More examples here and here. Maybe it's not his fault... maybe he's channelling Dubya?

UPDATE: Are the media falling out of love with Obama? Has a cloud passed across his arse?
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