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Monday, 23 March 2009

Tony McNulty - Übercunt.

There are times when the C bomb won't quite do on it's own, and this is one of them. Tony McNulty MP has apparently been on the ever popular second homes expenses fiddle.
Employment minister Tony McNulty claimed the money on the house in Harrow even though he moved out in 2002 and lives in Hammersmith, west London, with his wife.
But his spokesman says he still spends two or three days a week at his parents property doing constituency work and so was entitled to the allowance. He stopped claiming the expenses in January.
The Additional Costs Allowance, worth up to £24,000 a year, is paid to MPs from outside inner London to cover the cost of staying overnight away from their main home for the purpose of performing parliamentary duties.
It's got so commonplace now that my first reaction wasn't shock or outrage or disgust but "oh, another one".
A spokesman for Mr McNulty said the claims on the property in Harrow were entirely within the parliamentary rules on MPs' allowances.
Mr McNulty's spokesman said: "Tony is completely compliant with all the regulations around the allowances for second homes.
"There is absolutely nothing irregular in Tony's situation. Tony is entitled, like all MPs, to an allowance allowing him blahblahblah waffle spin zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Oh shut the fuck up. We'll take the pathetic technically-within-the-rules excuses as read if it means not having to hear the same old shit from another MP's mouthpiece to justify him or her milking the taxpayer. Obviously Tony McNulty (or a mouthpiece) isn't going to make a public statement along the lines of there was a nice loophole and there was money in it, so it's more or less at the stage where'd I'd rather just not fucking hear anything from him. It's going to be an excuse - enough said.
After moving into her home in Hammersmith, west London, he claimed the second home allowance on the Harrow property, receiving around £60,000 since 2001/2, while his parents continued to live there.
In January this year he decided to stop claiming the allowance as interest rates had fallen so far that he found he was able to meet his mortgage commitments from his MP's salary, said his spokesman.
Oh that's fucking big of him. And I'm sure it had nothing to do with increasing scrutiny of expenses around that time and any sense he had that the game might be up before long if he kept at it. It's been said many times by many people - what a corrupt and venal bunch of bastards they are in Westminster.

That on it's own might make McNulty a cunt for some, but as I said my initial reaction wasn't particularly strong. It's like finding another Premiership footballer that's been diving to get penalties or opposing players carded. Shouldn't happen and if honest people were running things it fucking wouldn't because the bastards that do it would be out on their arses. Unfortunately there are few honest people in Westminster and, since I'd guess that 20 million or more people have some sort of Pavlovian response to elections and cast their vote for anyone or anything with the right rosette while two fifths don't vote at all, it's likely to stay that way for a while. So tactical use of the expenses may be cuntish from the perspective of how much money the taxpayer is bled for just to keep Parliamentarians comfy, it's not especially shocking when so many of them are at it in some way or another. What made him a standout among cunts for me was something quite unrelated to the usual stuff and involved paying tribute to a loathed loved loathed loved Zzzzzz-list 'celeb' who's just snuffed it:
Mr McNulty said he "regretted" Jade's comment that she wanted to earn enough money before she died for her children to go to private schools, insisting that there were many good schools in the state sector.
Can we just go over a few facts about the lat semi-lamented Jade goody for the benefit of Tony McNulty.
    She thought Cambridge was part of London
    She thought "East Angular" was a foreign country instead of the area of England where Cambridge really is.
    She thought that Rio de Janeiro played football.
    She said after being hopeless in the London marathon that she didn't understand miles
    She thought a ferret was a bird.
    She thought Saddam Hussein was a boxer.
    And, most relevant of all, she had a state education.
Now it's quite possible that Jade Goody wasn't on the receiving end of a lousy education but was simply dumb as a rock. Or it might be that her education was fucking appalling and she might have been less ignorant of, well, everything apparently if someone had actually taught her things. I've no idea which it was McNumpty, but if she was prepared to hawk her own death to the tabloids to fund the private education of her kids I can make a guess about what she thought. And what a fucking time to trot out the predictable socialist dogma about state education. Not even Broon is that crass. Jade Goody was a media whore right up to the end, but compared to someone who parasitises the taxpayer to the tune of 60 grand and then criticizes the not-yet-room-temperature Goody for her ambitions for her children a media whore doesn't seem so bad after all. Better that than an übercunt.

UPDATE: Unsurprisingly Guido's on this too, and points out that Mrs McNumpty is also feeding off the taxpayer's back since she works for a quango. Oink oink.


Anonymous said...

It's me, I finally made it to your place, yea!
What a lot there is to blog about today. I couldn't decide, McNulty or poor old Nick. I went for Nick in the end.
I just couldn't face doing a whole nother rant about piggies in troughs. And you have done it better than I could have any way. I do like McNumpties whole 'well if I can't have it, no fucker can'. I reckon if he needs to drum up some extra wonga now he could write a book titled, "how to fuck off 643 of your work mates the easy way" What a cunt he is. Thankyou for your lovely comments at my place.
Mummy x

Angry Exile said...

A name like McNulty is just asking to be bastardized isn't it? To be honest I missed the Griffiths Remembrance Day Fuckathon story or I might have commented on that too, but other have already done it better.

Anonymous said...

i woukld like to see a fucking railway spike go through the eye of mcnulty, hes a cocky little shithead with a high opinion of himself, he is also a thief like the rest of the fucking parasites who are destroying my country, labour, liberal or cons, theyre all cunts. oh yeah by the way "Where the fuck is East Angular"? i think you mean "East Anglia" you idiot. it doesnt look good making spelling mistakes yourself whilst mocking the stupidity of jade goody does it! lol

Angry Exile said...

Anonymous, the reason I wrote "East Angular" in quote marks is because I was quoting. Quoting Jade Goody in fact, and if you Google "Jade Goody" and "East Angular" you'll see that I'm not the only one who remembered her mangling the pronunciation on Big Brother. It's in the online editions of several papers, and I expect it's in their archives as well because they all shat themselves laughing at the time. Because she thought it was a foreign country I wonder if she might have been confusing East Anglia with Angola, though because that's not immediately east of anything except the Atlantic

And you've completely misunderstood my point if you think I've been mocking Jade Goody's stupidity. I did say that she may have been as dumb as a rock, but also that her ignorance (not at all the same as stupidity) might simply have been due to a shithouse education. My point was that McNumpty was criticizing (and yes, there is a fucking Z in criticize before you ask, even if the shithouse spellcheck in my browser doesn't think so) Goody for wanting a private education for her sons, but after 10+ years of state education she'd left school thinking that ferret is the name of a bird, that Cambridge is in London and that there's somewhere called "East Angular" and it's abroad. That she left school knowing nearly nothing just might have something to do with her steering clear of state schools despite it upsetting the ideals of the übercunt McNulty. In some respects I think it's possible she was brighter than many gave her credit for, but she still knew almost the square root of fuck all about anything.

If I was to criticize her for anything it would be that she was very lucky and had an incredible opportunity for a second chance at education - she'd made enough money from her celebrity status to have afforded to do something about it - but she didn't bother. I'd probably have gone and done a physics degree myself, but certainly wouldn't have become a media whore. However, her life, her luck, her choices, and it was probably necessary to have been a media whore to go on Big Brother and achieve her otherwise inexplicable fame in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Ok dude i stand corrected, thanks for picking up the "Z" in critisise, that was placed there on purpose to see if you picked it up. however i hasten to add that you missed the "L" in would when you were correcting my spelling Lol :) you ripped a good piece off me about "ANGULAR", i didnt know that mate, i never watch big brother "fuck that shit" but i get what you mean, so i hereby apologise to you for me being an uneducated dick, to be honest the few glimpses in the media which i got of jade goody was that she was an ugly fucking cow with the main part of her brain missing, so i guess we both agree really. I love your web page though, and agree with most of what ive read. i despair about this cock sucking country, your so lucky to be away from "WORK CAMP BRITAIN" run by the super rich political elite (I use the word ELITE very lightly indeed). public schoolboy britain where the rich get super rich, the poor get more stupid and the working class get taxed to hell.
The education system in this country is not designed to enlighten children, they dont want kids who will turn into adults capable of critical thinking, just as long as they know enough to operate in minimum wage jobs, and keep that tax rolling in. i fucking hate this country with my entire heart. thanks for listening

Angry Exile said...

I don't recall ever correcting your spelling, just a pre-emptive dummy spit about the Z that my expensive teachers told me to use and which various people have spent the twenty years since telling me is wrong. And the fucking spell checker (which doesn't recognize 'pre-emptive' either... or 'recognize' for that matter). I know you can use an S, but I get touchy from people telling me not to use a Z as I was taught.

I can't see where I wrote 'woud' but that would be a regular typo. My typing is mediocre and my touch typing is shithouse. Neither are helped by falling for a $75 Apple keyboard. Looks good but I'm struggling with it. And there's no bloody pound key so I have to convert to dollars and use $ or paste in a £. Usually I can't be bothered and just write 'quid' or something.

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