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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Freedom Of Information

On Thoughts On Freedom earlier this week was another bit of good news for Aussies and others living here - an overhaul of Freedom Of Information laws. FOI application fees are going to go, a public interest test is coming in, contractors are going to come under FOI and a new Information Commissioner is to be appointed. There will apparently be fewer 'get out' excuses as well. How much is hype and how much is a genuine increase in availability of information from the government obviously remains to be seen, and it does seem bizarre that they're being so secretive about the ACMA website blacklist while saying how open they'll be as promised in their manifesto. Still, Australia is a funny place and can really be that contradictory at times.

UPDATE: Peter Timmins has left a comment along with the address of his blog, Open and Shut, where he deals with FOI and privacy issues. Looks interesting and I'll be having a good look when I've got a bit of time. Between F1 and footy basically.


Peter Timmins said...

The FOI reform proposals are the real thing but there are some quibbles and you're right how it works in practice remains to be seen. You and your readers interested in this area can find additional raeding on the subject on

Peter Timmins

Angry Exile said...

Thanks. I'll add that to the blogroll.

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