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Friday, 13 March 2009

Defining moments.

According to Prince Charles not only do we have less than 100 months to save the planet (and incidentally what an amazingly fucking convenient coincidence it was to have "the science" come up with a deadline that was also a snappy headline grab), but we're now at a defining moment. My first thought on reading that was "what, another one?" I've been interested in this topic for about twenty five years and in that time there seem to have been quite a few defining moments. I doubt it'll be the last either. Personally the one I'm looking forward to is in about 7 1/2 years when the people and media of the world round on Charlie and the other wibblers and ask them what the fuck happened to the global warming that was supposed to arise partly as a result of all these fuckwits flying everywhere to lecture us all about global warming.

But perhaps not - the greenhouse industry are masters in moving the goal posts around and 100 months is plenty of time in which the majority can forget that we had 100 months to save the world. My predication is that within about 60 months (+/-12) this 100 months claim will have been quietly dropped in order to avoid it still being in the public consciousness when we reach the deadline. And if we're lucky someone will remember that the last Royal known for talking to trees ended up being kept in a beautifully appointed rubber room at Windsor Castle and prevented from handling sharp things for the rest of his life.
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