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Friday, 27 March 2009

Read it and weep.

I know in the scheme of things giving £4,500 of taxpayer's money to a couple of psychics is not a lot of money, but I'm still lost for words at the stupidity of this.
... self-styled mediums Paul, 40, and Deborah, 37...
Shouldn't that be 'media'?
...defended the public funding for their psychic school at Bridgend, South Wales.
Media studies! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Well if I didn't laugh at this I'd be crying.
Mr Rees said: 'People who feel their tax money has been wasted should remember that if they'd lost a child they would go to a medium to get peace that their loved one has passed safely and is in a better place.'
No, you fatuous self serving cunt. People who feel their tax money has been wasted would probably grieve and lean on family and friends for support who, if they cared about the recently bereaved, would do their best to steer them well clear of evil bloodsucking bags of shit trying to make a buck off someone else's loss. I lack the words to describe how much I hate and despise both you and the fucktards who threw money at you. The English fucking language lacks the words. Bad enough if you'd got the start up money together on your own, but this pours boiling hot piss into the wound, it really does. Fuck you all, and fuck your revolting trade and fuck the idiotic bastards who gave you taxpayers money to get this fucking charade going so vulnerable and credulous people can be parted forever from their money as well as their loved ones. If I believed in heaven and hell I'd be on my knees - no, I'd be prostrate on my face - praying with all my heart that Satan is digging a new pit under the ice of the ninth circle and putting up a little reserved sign with your names on. The whole fucking sorry lot of you. Right under Judas Iscariot's arsehole so if he happens to partially defrost he'll dump on your faces.

Unfortunately I don't believe any of it so I'm not going to waste my time, but I want to say that it's possible that I despise everyone involved more than I've ever despised another living being. May your reproductive organs become square and fester at the corners.

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selsey.steve said...

My feelings, exactly!

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