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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

They're getting mediaeval on your arse.

Well, not in the Tarantino/Ving Rhames sense, but this sounds like something out of the Middle Ages:
Tens of thousands of motorists have had their details sold by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to private parking companies.
As a result they are being pursued for huge fines – often far more than those imposed by local authorities.
One MP told the House of Commons that the DVLA was making details available to "shady operators and crooks" who are exploiting a loophole in the law to fleece motorists.

...there is a big difference in the treatment motorists can expect should they receive a private ticket.
Members of the industry trade body, the British Parking Association, are governed by a code of practice which sets a maximum fine of £150, £30 more than the most expensive parking ticket in London.
Non members are not and they are pursuing drivers for far larger amounts with the assistance of the DVLA.
The baron sells the details of all the local serfs to a bunch of thugs and doesn't give a shit when they rip the piss with the fines they charge. Why should he care? He's got his money. Substitute DVLA, dodgy parking company etc... Fucking hell!
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