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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thank you Senator Conroy, thank you so fucking much.

Friends have asked me why I get so bent out of shape about the clean feed. Well here's the fucking answer:
What's that Skippy? There's bad stuff on the internet?

The Great Australian Firewall has claimed another victim - some pages of Wikileaks have been added to the blacklist of websites which Australians are not allowed to look at.

The reason for the block is that Wikileaks published a list of websites banned by the Danish government. Australian websites which link to the pages face the threat of a A$11,000 fine.
Oh, well thanks. Our poor fragile wittle minds might have bween overwoaded by aaaaallll the howwible stuff out there, so it's good that you're here to pwotect us fwom.... er, from a list of what the Danish government have decided to protect their citizens from. You cunts. How fucking dare you. Who the fuck are you to decide what we're able to look at, you patronizing fucking wankers. And what the fuck has a list of website deemed dodgy by the Danes got to do with Australia?
The move is part of a trial masterminded by Communications minister Stephen Conroy....
A tool.
.... to test technology to block sites considered unsuitable for Australians. The idea is that there will be two lists of approved websites - one for children and one for adults.
Message for Senator Conroy - Harold Holt says come on in, the water's lovely. Websites don't need your fucking approval if they're for adults, and as far as children are concerned approval is a parental duty not a fucking government function.

What's really stupid about this whole thing is the latest addition to the blacklist was a piss take intended to show how fucking stupid the black list is.
Broadband discussion forum Whirlpool was threatened with an A$11,000 (£5,148) a day fine by the Australian Communications and Media Authority because a commenter posted a link to an anti-abortion website which appeared on the regulator's list of websites banned in Australia....

But the story gets murkier - ACMA added the website to its secret blacklist after receiving a complaint about one page on the site from someone in Melbourne with the user name Foad.

Foad's intention was to highlight the stupidity of the blacklist idea by getting a site which had nothing to do with child sexual abuse added to the list. Foad succeeded.

The blacklist is meant to be a well-guarded secret but complainants are free to make public the result of their complaints. So the URL which Foad complained about was published in forums to highlight the lunacy of ACMA's actions.
Meanwhile in Blighty anyone who's got any of those unofficial cartoons of well known characters acting like porn industry stunt cocks on their computer had better get rid of it. And don't go looking for more if this ever becomes a reality. As The Reg reminds us it's already happened here of course.

There seem to be an awful lot of twats doing pointless stuff because they're scared shitless of being accused of not doing it. How fucking long do we have to wait before government inaction is seen as a virtue?
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