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Thursday, 19 March 2009

More religion.

Invisible sky fairies, flying spaghetti monsters, global warming, UFOs, horoscopes, boom and bust has been abolished and if it looks a bit like it hasn't it's because of the Americans - if it doesn't affect anyone else you can go and believe whatever you like. I may think you're off your head and take the piss a bit, but if that's what you believe then fair enough. But it's hard, really really hard, not to think that someone is a complete fucking window licking looney when they come out with stuff like this, this and this. Should have stuck to talking to a 2,000 year old dead guy who wasn't really dead - it would have sounded more sensible.

And Tony? Shut the fuck up, eh.

1 comment:

Sue said...

He does talk a lot of bollox sometimes and Bliar is just insane like Brown.

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