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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Toynbee is proof that there is no God...

... either that or he doesn't give a shit about hypocrisy. I can't come up with any other explanation why someone like Toynbee the hillbilly drag act is walking around rather than being two charred shoes in the centre of a smoking hole in the ground having been hit by a zillion volts of holy wrath. I'm sure this is going to get fisked to fuck by better than me, but I'm going to put my 2 cents in anyway. It starts with the title:
A furious public demands political anger management.
Little the government suggests begins to match our outrage at bonuses, fiddles and failures.
Political anger management? It's been Gordon Clown and his gang who've been stoking it up. The phrase you're looking for is anger encouragement. And talking of bonuses, fiddles and failures there's plenty of fucking outrage directed at the Westminster failures who are merrily creating their bonuses with expenses fiddles. People in glass houses, Polly. And on the subject of glass and houses let's not forget that you get six figures for writing whiny class hatred shit for a company that hates tax avoidance yet managed to swing a refund from the tax man despite a turnover of over £300 million. How's the Tuscan villa Pol? Are your windows alright? So much safer than Edinburgh when people are stirring up public anger against anyone paid too much for fuck all benefit, eh? You fucking despicable hypocrite.
When the law says nothing can be done, a hurled brick has an extra gust of public opinion behind it. ...his broken windows are an emblem ... a totem of a public mood.
Look, you stupid slag, how many times must it be written in how many places? The inept government fuckwits who bailed out RBS, with taxpayers' money don't forget, might have done something about it if their due diligence hadn't been so hopeless. It would kind of go like this: "Sir Fred, if we dig RBS out of the hole you put it in exactly how much do you leave with and from what sources and for what reasons? Ah, are these your pension arrangements? Sorry, that's not acceptable and must be altered or we'll simply let RBS go under instead." Of course, they should have let it go under anyway, but that's by the by. The point is Fred getting out with that nice juicy pension was, and please listen carefully here Polly, another fucking government failure. So having failed to stop the loathsome prick lining his pockets in a quite legal way, and having failed again to convince anyone that they'd be able to do anything about it after the event, the snot muncher and Harmperson et al were left with making the poor cunt the Two Minute Hate of the financial crisis. As I've said before, I want to dislike the man but the behaviour of senior Labour figures and sycophants sympathizers like you Polly, make it really hard not to take Fred's side, despicable twat though he may well be.
For all the fright talk, today's Put People First demonstration will be a respectable array of big charities, churches and unions, urged on by the Bishop of London.
Read: fake charities, some mouthpieces representing a largely out of fashion belief, and unions. The usual rentagobs in other words.
You don't have to be "anti-capitalist" to join the burst of public opinion against mountainous taxpayers' sums being sunk into bottomless banks that should have been nationalised.
What? What? Are you on something mind bending or did you just swallow the blue pill? The mountainous sums are being sunk into banks BECAUSE they're being fucking nationalized. And capitalists would not approve of it either.
The US is being tougher, prompted by headlines such as "Not so fast you greedy bastards" in the New York Post.
Ahem, I quote:"A furious public demands political anger management." Ring a bell? As I keep saying, the government and their tame journos, naming no names, are doing an admirable job at spin, shit stirring and keeping the designated decoy for public anger in the limelight while the snot muncher smirks and skulks.
Never mind apologies for the past, where are the new policies now? Labour should simply announce an emergency cap on top pay. Anything over the prime minister's £200,000 should be temporarily taxed at 90%. No bonuses, no fiddles. The golden geese will fly away to Dubai, Mumbai, Shanghai? Unlikely, but if a few go, who cares?
Fuck's sake, I never earned anything like that much and I left the UK. Not to a tax exile admittedly, and they take the piss here too though it has other compensations. But if someone like me who never earned more than 40 grand will leave the country do you really think most of the megabucks mob will hesitate for a nanosecond? You might be happy to stay put and pay 90% over 200 grand, though I'm sure GMG's accountants could organize that for you if necessary, but why the fuck would anyone who's bright enough to make that much money stay and be raped in the wallet? You think maybe a few will go, but I'm telling you that only a few will stay and I bet nearly all will be people with the ear of senior NuLabs and/or people who write whiny shite on their behalf from Tuscany.
No one in the public sector should get more than £150,000: in the present mood, all wise public bodies should rapidly cut their own top pay, before vengeful mobs vote in the Tories to mince public services.
Fuck me, something I can vaguely agree with, though it's way too little and too late - the vengeful mobs are likely to vote in the mincing Tories (ha!) anyway, which really shouldn't thrill anyone because Cameron's idea of a cut in expenditure seems to be what everyone else apart from NuLab MPs and fucking thick mouthpieces would call a slightly smaller increase. The public sector needs to be cut but personally I have almost no hope that any likely leader from among the main three parties has the balls to do it before the whole fucking lot implodes anyway. Incidentally, I've more or less bet my future that Britain's public sector will implode first and that twenty million Aussies will simultaneously shit themselves and demand that Canberra do what's needed to avoid the same fate. It's my belief that watching the UK go over the edge will be the warning Australia needs to pull back from the brink in time.

You'll be in Tuscany when that happens I expect, won't you Pol? Or will you stay with your ideals and go down with the sinking ship? We can but hope, but why do you and those wankstains in Parliament have to take the rest of the country down too?
Class is back, in a new guise.
And how sweet that must be for you, you vindictive bitch. Tricky to spit your class war laden venom without any class. But of course it takes one to know one, and that's how you know them, right?
...government has to call time on pay for all, to end the greed game where every silverback demands to be in the top quartile. Despite a dab of penitential ash on its brow, the City still sees nothing much wrong with how things were. Wait for it to blow over, but for God's sake don't let the politicians ruin things with regulation!
They've ALREADY ruined things with regulation, you stupid fucking mutation. What do you think the FSA was? What do you think the SEC was? Or ASIC? Or the various regulators of every fucking financial market that went tits up, for they all fucking had at least one and sometimes two or three regulatory bodies. And that's not even counting the central banks. When will you lot wake up and realize that you can't blame the free market because THERE AREN'T ANY FREE MARKETS BECAUSE GOVERNMENTS WON'T PERMIT IT. This constant fucking anti market whine (which seems to come both from left and what gets called 'right' these days) is like a spoilt teenager whinging that Santa didn't bring them what they wanted when they're old enough to work out that Santa doesn't exist.

Despicable fucking hypocrite! Where are those fucking bolts of lightning when you need one?

H/T to Ambush Predator.

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Mummy x said...

I may be wrong, but I could have sworn I just heard the nice lady on Sky News say that Gordon/The Tax Payer is gonna cough up another 60(insert illion here)to save another bank. And I wonder why he was hoping for riots today.

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