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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Someone should teach him a lesson.

Thinking the unthinkable is one of those phrases that politicians like to trot out now and again, but it's pretty rare that anything ever happens as a result. I'd guess that the unthinkable is indeed thought sometimes, but after that things tend to go back to the way they were with perhaps a little window dressing to justify the whole charade. Education is one area where the unthinkable very much needs to be thought, and a handful of people are doing so both in Britain and in Australia. And then you get people like Professor John Coldron who says things like 'major overhaul' but seems actually to want more of the same stuff that's been used over the past 12 years (arguably more) to turn out people who get fabulous grades providing only that the exams are aimed at the level of chickens.
Professor John Coldron, from Sheffield Hallam University, said the best comprehensives should be forced to admit quotas of struggling pupils to stop them being monopolised by wealthy families....
"By having a greater range of pupils with different backgrounds - social as well as religious - there is evidence to suggest that educational standards overall would improve," he said.
"That's because the greater difficulties currently managed by schools with concentrations of children who present educational challenges would be lessened and would not have a proportionate negative effect."
Oh Jesus. Look you knob, can you not see that you are simply proposing more of the same, and as the cliché runs the best definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. Yes, schools with concentrations of 'challenging' children in are, well, a challenge, but you're not going to solve anything simply by spreading the problem around as evenly as possible so that all schools have the same problem to the same degree. You do not want simply to carry on with a policy that's been failing for over a decade, you want to expand on it. You are ipso facto a complete window licker.
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