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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wind turbine fail.

It's about to become harder to buy your own personal white elephant now that B&Q are going to stop selling wind turbines following a study by an energy consultant that found they're generally not a lot of good for most people.
"The Encraft study suggests that B&Q's range of micro-turbines may not perform well enough to satisfy our customers expectations."
B&Q said the study had shown that turbines in urban areas were the least likely to perform well.
It added: "The vast majority of B&Q's customers live in highly urbanised areas, hence this particular finding is cause for concern for the company."

In other words a number of B&Q's customers have scared themselves stupid enough to buy anything on some vague promise of lowering bills and doing their bit. At least B&Q are honest enough to pull the things off sale when it turns out that they don't really do what it says on the tin, and I'd hope they're not giving refunds to anyone who put one up last weekend and is now opening the paper to find out they've pissed away two or three grand for nothing. You bought it - tough shit.
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