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Monday, 23 February 2009

Meddle, meddle, meddle

Gordon just can't lay off, can he? The man is obsessed with tinkering with every detail he possibly can as if he alone has some omniscient ability, some god like vision, to know what's best for everyone in every situation. Currently the Great Eye has decided that 100% mortgages are A Bad Thing, and being the authoritarian wanker he is has decided that the solution is to ban them.

Firstly Gordon, if I want a 100% mortgage and if I can find a bank willing to lend me that amount what the hell has it got to do with anyone else? If I can't pay I lose my home, if the bank over extends it goes bust. That's what's supposed to happen in the free market that's allegedly failed us all so badly. But, and this is the second point, the free market doesn't actually exist. The banks took big risks because they assumed, correctly as it turns out, that you'd bail them out if/when things went tits up, and of course you and your bastard offspring the FSA were both quite happy for the regulated not-really-free-at-all market to offer 100% mortgages all those years. So whose failure is it really? Third, finding any lender offering a 100% mortgage at the moment is going to be like getting a blow job in a convent - theoretically possible but fucking unlikely. So in summary, it's got nothing to do with you, and even if it did you're a bit bloody late with the condemnation, at least part of which you should be directing at yourself.

Update: Just noticed the photo that Telegraph used for this story:
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