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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

BBC positive discrimination?

Also Beeb related, and also controversial, there has been a black-only episode of EastEnders. Well, I did say of the Beeb's hiring of Cerrie Burnell that I wouldn't put it past them to hire someone with one arm for PC reasons but in the absence of any solid evidence I was giving them the benefit of doubt. So how should I view this? Like many big cities London is pretty multi-racial, particularly so in the area in which the Beeb have set a popular shitfest soap opera. So no real surprises that this waste of an hour's life every evening show has a significant non-white cast (I'm not being PC here by saying non-white, I just can't be arsed to look up the list of people in DeadEnders and Google to find out what colour skin they all have). And obviously with a cast as large as that of DeadEnders you can't put everyone in every show or they'll get about 30 seconds each and a line every fifth or sixth episode, so it could be argued in a kind of infinite number of monkeys way that sooner or later the script writing would naturally get around to producing a show in which the focus was on black characters. But it is a bit a of a coincidence that it was
...broadcast on the tenth anniversary of the Macpherson Report into the Stephen Lawrence case...
Still, while I strongly believe not only that positive discrimination is still discrimination but that is also itself subtly racist in implying that minorities need the help from us kindly white folk in order to get on in life, I don't know if I can get too bent out of shape about this. The thing is the show itself is so shit I just wish it would sink without trace regardless of what colour actors are on which particular episode.
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