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Sunday, 8 February 2009

"One eyed Scottish idiot"

I don't imagine Jeremy Clarkson was suggesting that being one eyed and Scottish makes Gordon Brown an idiot, more just identifying which particular idiot he was referring to by using one eyed and Scottish as distinguishing marks. But surprise surfuckingprise the usual load of professional offense takers, small time politicians (almost exclusively Labour, Scottish or both in this case) and charity mouthpieces all pop up to give their opinions to the press and generally sell tickets on themselves.
Lesley-Anne Alexander, chief executive of the RNIB, said: "Mr Clarkson's description of Prime Minister Brown is offensive."
How the fuck would you know you sanctimonious bitch? Gordon Brown tell you that himself did he? Or can you read his mind? If the answer to both is no then you're taking it upon yourself to take offence on behalf of someone else. It's deeply patronizing, and if it was me on the receiving end of Clarkson's comments I'd be more pissed off with people like Lamely-Arsed Alexander treating me as if I was too thick or too spineless to stand up for myself (granted the possibility that Gordon Brown might be too thick or too spineless, but for a fat, middle aged loud mouthed TV presenter I reckon he could have made an exception - it's not like he's got to beat Clarkson in an election or anything).

Alexander goes on:
Any suggestion that equates disability with incompetence is totally unacceptable. We would be happy to help Mr Clarkson understand the positive contribution people with sight loss make to society."
Professor Alistair Fielder, trustee of leading research charity Fight for Sight, said: "These comments are highly discriminatory as they imply that someone with defective vision cannot function as an intelligent person, which is obviously incorrect."
Do some background research you dopey twats. Clarkson once got a blind ex-soldier, not one eyed but properly blind, called Billy Baxter on Top Gear to do a timed lap of the circuit - Mr Baxter driving and Clarkson giving directions from the passenger seat. I don't think he needs you two to fucking tell him that disability isn't to be equated with incompetence.

Frankly I can't think of anything the RNIB have done that's made me think, yeah, blind people can make positive contributions. And I've never even heard of Fight for Sight. But I watched that episode of Top Gear when it first aired and was bloody impressed both by Billy Baxter and by Clarkson's level of trust in Baxter's blind driving. Not everyone would get in a car with a driver who couldn't see even on an airfield with very little to run into.

Then we've got this tit:
Lord Foulkes, a former Labour Scottish minister, said: "If the BBC banned Jonathan Ross for what he said and they have taken Carol Thatcher off air for something she said in private, then something should be done about Clarkson."
Scottish, check. Labour, check. Ex-minister for something unspecified, check. Never fucking heard of him, check. Vindictive authoritarian wanker who has no fucking clue that freedom of speech means allowing people to say things you might not like to hear, check. Back in your box.

And his Knobship was joined by:
Iain Gray, the Scottish Labour leader, said: "Such a comment is really a reflection on Jeremy Clarkson and speaks for itself. Most people here are proud that the Prime Minister is a Scot and believe him to be the right person to get the UK through this global economic crisis."
Such a comment is absolutely fucking meaningless and says nothing whatsoever, but is really a reflection on the type of tedious, self important, political wanker who wants to be noticed. But I'm impressed that he's asked everyone in Scotland their opinion on Gordon Clown and can state confidently that most are proud that he's a Scot. Personally I'm fucking embarrassed that he's the same fucking species, so I wouldn't be too keen on making much of any national ties. Anyway Iain Gray, shut up and get back in your box too.

The whole fucking lot of you love loudmouths like Clarkson (and Carol Thatcher, and Jonathan Ross, and so on and so on) making controversial remarks because you get damp spots at the thought of your chance to pontificate. Get a mirror, some string and a nail and give the rest of us a fucking break.
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