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Monday, 23 February 2009

Who wants to be the next leader of the opposition?

Bizarrely there seems to be no shortage of volunteers, but then I suppose it's a piss easy job and if you're resigned to losing the next election you might as well get the best spot from which to squirt piss at whoever is Prime Minister (again, Gordon Clown may have got that slightly wrong, but never mind). But I'd never have come up with the idea of looking at it like Matthew d'Ancona.
Many more names will be suggested in this "potential leader speed dating", some even more ridiculous than those already in the frame. The dying days of a regime are a happy time for political nonentities. It's a game that anyone can play. Anyone can have a go. This is Slumdog Labour Leader.
I liked the parallels he draws with the Tories' leader problems kicking off their stint in opposition, but more to the point were some of the less than flattering views of Cameron's modern Tories in the comments. It's virtually unthinkable that Labour could do anything better than not losing too hugely in the next election, but it really does seem that for many people it really will be Labour losing the election rather than the Tories doing something to make them genuine winners. Not unprecedented I feel, since that's pretty much what I thought when Major managed to "win" against Kinnock. It's not that the majority particularly wanted another Major government so much as just enough people couldn't stomach the idea of a Kinnock one. And that's just the ones who actually bothered to vote. Hey ho, here we go again.
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