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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Criminal behaviour.

Newsflash, government department prediction turns out to be accurate. Crime really is going up.
Burglaries, fraud and robberies at knifepoint have risen steeply, in the first sign that the recession is fuelling an increase in crime.

A rise in the number of house break-ins and fraud and forgery offences in the three months to September suggests that the decline in overall crime levels recorded in recent years is coming to an end. Domestic burglaries rose 4 per cent in the year while fraud and forgery cases went up 16 per cent, the latest official crime statistics showed yesterday.

The figures come months after a leaked memo to Gordon Brown warned that the Home Office feared that the economic downturn would result in an increase in crime.

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, announced that an emergency “burglary summit” would be held in the next two weeks in an attempt to halt and reverse the substantial rise in house break-ins. Her top civil servant at the Home Office has already e-mailed the police and crime divisions of the department to tell them that they must improve their performance.
Oh what a relief, Jacqui's going to sort it all out with a burglary summit. I can't quite see how the summit is going to reduce burglaries unless they're expected a large number of burglars to attend so the police can nick them without having to do any running, but what would I know? Anyway, on the subject of Jacqbootface Smith:
Ms Smith denied that there was an inevitable link between an economic downturn and the rise in break-ins. [But] she said: “It’s a fact that there’s been an increase and that’s worrying.”

The meeting was intended to ensure that everyone was doing their bit to keep burglary and other thefts down, she said. A burglary prevention campaign, backed by a special fund, would begin next month, she added.

Ms Smith said: “There will be a small minority of criminals who think they can take advantage in tough times. Let me tell them now, they can’t and they won’t.”
Why ever not? Taking advantage has worked out just fucking peachy for you, hasn't it? When you and most of the government and probably half the backbenchers and opposition MPs have all got their disgusting snouts in the fucking money trough is it any wonder that the low lifes who didn't do lefty politics and leafy pot at uni rob the rest of us more conventionally? As far as I'm concerned the only difference is that Jacqui Smith was (arguably) working within the letter of the rules when she screwed the taxpayers for over a hundred grand while kipping at her sister's place, but I really don't see it as vastly different from some mouth breathing cunt smashing your windows and taking your TV round to his brother's. I can only hope that the investigation that has been restarted after giving Smith the okay once comes to the logical conclusion - £116,000 for staying a couple or three nights a week at a family member's house is a complete fucking piss take.

Fucking bastards. I'd honestly hope the UK fucking sinks and drowns every single last one of them except that there are still some people living there that I like and probably millions of other decent folk. Look, why don't you all emigrate and the last one can pull the fucking plug on the way out?

UPDATE: Incidentally, smart move to get rid of thousands of police officers at a time when even the Home Shitwitary concedes that crime is going up. Stroke of fucking genius.

So if any coppers get made redundant can we take their photographs?
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