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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Phoenix from the flames?

No, nothing to do with riots this time, and I'm not sure that the title is all that apt anyway. Instead just a brief post about additions to the blogroll. First is Pat Nurse, whose Tea and Cigarettes blog had been shuffled over to the Hibernation Room when she announced that she was hanging up her keyboard. Since it turned into just a brief break it's more than past time T&C was put back. Second is a new site by the name of Libertarian Home, and it's that that I was thinking of when I wrote that title. According to Trouper Thompson this has been launched by some of the London based members of the now not quite defunct but by the sounds of things may as well be LPUK:
... through a behind-the-scenes campaign, which I can only guess at, the old leader and chairman have managed to hold on to the party and the positions they'd resigned from, and are now emerging from hiding, intending to sally forth, with no mention of all the unfinished business, other than snide remarks aimed at those who tried to get answers. I can only advise members and non-members alike to steer well clear of the party in its present form.

It's not been all bad, though. I'm glad I joined because through it I've met a lot of decent people, who I hope will help build the libertarian movement in London and England in ways that are not possible with that busted flush of a party, and will find innovative ways to advance the agenda, campaign on specific issues and support libertarians who want to stand in elections, whether as members of a party or as independents.

One part of this new direction is the website Libertarian Home, which has been set up by a couple of my friends from the London party. I haven't started writing there yet, but I will do, God willing, as soon as London stops burning around me.
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