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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The (inevitable) riot posts #1

I was gearing up to talk about the kind of person who doesn't have a chip on their shoulder so much as a whole freezer's worth of oven ready potato based food and as a result spends half their lives revved up into a state of outraged victimhood, but over on the other side of the Pacific Uncle Bill has already covered it and if you haven't already been over for a read I recommend it. I was also going to talk about what a lousy excuse for a riot this is, even if it should eventually turn out that the police are once again rather less deserving of the respect than some of us were brought up to have for them, and how the destruction and violent looting of other people's property is utterly inexcusable and shows what a bunch of weapons grade shits people can be, but there's so much shiticity taking place on such a scale that I'm not sure where to begin or whether I've even got the energy to finish if I start.

Instead I'm going to make this a fairly short post about how just occasionally someone does something that restores my faith in human nature. Someone like the woman in this video.

She's working hard to make her business work and then you lot wanna go and burn it up.
For what? Just to say that you're warring... ?
Thoroughly deserving of the 'Lost in admiration' tag, and worth keeping in mind because I'm sure it won't be long before the my misanthropy levels are back to normal and I'm back to thinking twats, pricks, cunts, bastards and scumbags are the norm.

On the subject of which, what with the poverty, disease, low life expectancy, corruption, possible human rights abuses and its low-tech economy I reckon Cameroon has got enough trouble on its plate without abuse from some London wanker with a aerosol tin of paint whose life is almost certainly unbelievably cushy by comparison.

Although possibly not when
it comes to literacy

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